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Project Management

At AJB Consulting, project management is at the core of what we do. We work to understand a project’s scope and develop targeted plans for the rollout of new initiatives that meet our clients’ business objectives and manage budgetary constraints. We’re able to step into a situation, take stock of the unique challenges a company is facing, and determine the best path forward by strategically analyzing, choosing, and integrating new modules and systems — all while remaining mindful of the client’s bottom line. And as a third-party consultant with deep industry experience, we understand not only what a technological solution can do, but what it should do. We tirelessly advocate for our clients’ interests and work alongside systems vendors to craft cost-efficient solutions and customizations that maximize value, drive efficiency, and make our clients’ core businesses more productive.  

Strategic Initiatives

Spearheading strategic initiatives is our sweet spot.  We’re conversant in both business and technology — a rare combination — and we understand that our clients are constrained by time, manpower, and internal resource limitations.  Our day-to-day focus is on promoting strategic efforts that streamline our clients’ business operations and, in the long run, results in significant cost savings.  

Compliance/Affordable Housing Consulting and Services

Chaired by an industry veteran with decades of experience, our Compliance and Affordable Housing Practice Area helps clients navigate the intersection of software and the requirements of various affordable housing programs, including LIHTC, HUD, HOME, and RD.  We help clients overhaul, streamline, and monitor compliance processes by setting up internal checks and balances that ensure practices, policies, and procedures are being consistently followed.

MRI®, Yardi®, and Standalone System Customization

We leverage our technological expertise to adapt MRI® and Yardi® software systems to build custom reports, screens, and processes through the use of these platforms’ existing toolkits that meet your specific business needs. Our team is also experienced in creating standalone solutions that extract, reformat, and make data available to ancillary technology platforms. We proudly bridge the gap between business and technology to negotiate creative solutions for our clients using tech enhancements, business processes, and accounting functions.  

MRI® and Yardi® Implementation, Training and Support

Our multidisciplinary team of professionals works side-by-side with clients to provide full-service implementation, training, and support functions for all aspects of the MRI® and Yardi® software platforms.

MRI® and Yardi® Data Entry and Conversion

We leverage our team’s in-depth technical experience to provide a full range of data entry and conversion services to clients, including lease abstracting.

Property Accounting Services

We provide comprehensive commercial and residential property accounting services to our clients, allowing them to focus on the big picture.  Our depth of accounting knowledge and experience means we can do the work of in-house accountants well.  We also provide staff augmentation or supplementation services to assist our clients where in-house accounts are temporarily out of the office.

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